Payroll Options

Keystone Staffing offers two ways to receive your pay. Both save you the time and gas! Prior to beginning your first assignment, a payment method for wages must be chosen - either Global Cash Card or Direct Deposit. Regardless of the method you choose, weekly paycheck stubs are made available on the Global Cash Card website.

Global Cash Card

The Global Cash Card is a Visa debit card account into which your wages are deposited and accessed. For additional information about this choice, please visit the Global Cash Card website. The authorization for this method must be completed at Keystone Staffing's office so that a card may be issued.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is just that; your wages are directly deposted into your checking or savings account. We recommend that a "voided" check be attached to the form to ensure the account and routing numbers are accurate. Employees who choose direct deposit should register on the Global Cash Card website as a "non-cardholder", but no sooner than the day before your first pay.

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