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Time Slip
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Keystone Staffing's pay period runs Monday through Sunday. If the client does not report employee hours to the agency electronically, time slips must be submitted. These are available in the office, on the shelf in the night depository and online. The downloadable version has three different colored sections to complete. Once the client supervisor has signed the time slip for approval of the hours recorded, the white and yellow portion must be returned to Keystone Staffing by Monday at midnight. The client supervisor retains the pink portion for their record. It is the employee's responsibilitiy to ensure that the time slip is filled out completely and correctly. If you have any questions about how to complete the time slip, please refer to the copy of Keystone Staffing's "Expectations and Responsibilities" that you received at orientation.

Direct Deposit Authorization
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Complete this form if you want to have your pay deposited into your checking or savings account. This form should be submitted to Keystone Staffing by the end of your first week of an assignment. The end of a Keystone work week is always a Sunday. Deposit slips may be submitted after hours using the Night Deposit slot on the east side of the building.

Municipal Tax Form/Change of Address
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Pennsylvania requires that a new Municipal Tax form be completed for any change of residence. The form requests a domicile address, which is the physical address where you live. This cannot be be a P.O. Box. The "municipality" is the city, borough, or township where your residence is located. If you have a different address where you wish to receive mail, please contact the office to provide that information. Additionally, contact the office if your phone number changes, as this information is not requested on the tax form.

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Complete Form W-4 so that Keystone Staffing can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay. Please make sure that your marital status is indicated on line 3 and the number of deductions on line 5. If you claim "exempt" on line 7, do not enter a number on line 5.

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