In today's economy you can't afford to hire employees that waste resources. Keystone Staffing has an excellent reputation of placing employees you can count on! We customize client relationship agreements to fit any number of needs. The better we know our clients, the better we can partner with them.

What Distinguishes Keystone Staffing?

No Term Contract

You have the option to fully integrate Keystone Staffing services into your hiring procedures, or contact us on an "as needed" basis. Either way, consider us a dedicated employment resource that tailors service to client's staffing needs.

Minimal Lead-Time

Once established as a client, we can often accommodate general staffing requests given less than one business day's notice. Additional lead time is preferred for assignments that require higher skill levels.

The Temp-to-Hire Solution

Our success is validated if/when you decide to hire our employee. Therefore, we give you the option to hire our employee when they have worked the required minimum hours through Keystone Staffing (approximately 20% sooner than our competitors). We will also customize a "buy-out" if you decide to hire sooner.

Personalized, Friendly Service

Keystone Staffing is people-focused. We serve both our clients and employees with professionalism, dedication, and respect.

What We Do for You...

Cost Savings

We advertise, screen, and interview candidates. We also perform background checks, skills testing, and payroll administration as part of our service; which significantly reduces your administrative and screening costs. The time saved allows your human resource staff to focus on other critical functions (i.e. compliance, benefits, retention, etc.).

Broaden your Reach

Tell us about your open positions (including responsibilities, desired qualifications and targeted pay rate) and we will recruit for you...for no charge! We utilize our database of applicants, online recruiting services, partnerships, newspapers, and industry contacts to locate candidates who match your desired qualifications. You compensate Keystone Staffing only when employees are placed at your company.

Minimize the risk associated with new-hires

Starting new employees through Keystone Staffing offers employers a hassle-free opportunity to evaluate a candidate's work ethic, dependability, attitude, and performance before offering them a position with your company. This approach is a great way to save on human resource expenses.

Reduce Payroll Headaches

Since the personnel supplied by Keystone Staffing are paid by us, payroll responsibilities such as worker's compensation, unemployment compensation and payroll taxes are included as part of the service we offer. You are invoiced weekly based on the time slip turned in with a supervisor approved signature.

If you prefer to use your electronic time keeping system, this information can be forwarded to us to be used in lieu of time slips.

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